About AlanAsh's Boutique


For a long time I had the dream of having my own business, but I was afraid of what would happen, and insecurity won my battle. It wasn't until April 2021 that I finally dared to do it and had more self-confidence. My biggest inspiration was the desire to grow up, achieve my dreams and especially my girl Alana Sofia. For this reason, the boutique bears his name along with the first 3 letters of my name, a fusion of which AlanAsh’s Boutique came out.

My name is Ashley Colón García, I graduated from Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. In addition to that, I studied a Master's Degree in Human Resources at the International Level at the Inter-American University of PR, which I have stayed in the thesis process !!!! And I work in a bank. I am proudly from the town of Villalba and I am committed to motivating people to pursue their dreams and to provide the best quality of clothing for you.

AlanAsh’s Boutique brings a collection of high fashion inspired women's clothing styles. We also have a collection of fine jewelry directed by my sister Sidmarie Colón García. Because we value exclusivity, we have only a few styles of each item, so everything you find is uniquely yours. I invite you to share and like the page, both on Facebook (@alanashsboutique) and on Instagram (alanashs_boutique) so that you are aware of everything that happens and the new styles that are arriving.